Story of Organic Panic World

Organic Panic pitches a quirky band of fruit and veg against a legion of heavily armed meat and cheese. An old dotty apple will guide his organic friends on a magical quest, while a twisted billionaire baby cheese will stop at nothing to destroy every last one of them. The Organics have magically enhanced elemental powers: Cherry controls EARTH, Kiwi controls WATER, Carrot controls FIRE, and Coconut controls GRAVITY. The Meat & Cheese cartel come armed with a mechanical arsenal of destruction!


Don't let her size fool you! With her earth control over natural elements, no barrier can stop her!

Kiwi comes from down under!  With his cheery disposition, he enjoys a good swim and has elemental control over water,  kiwi likes nothing more than taking the Meats and Cheeses for a swim!

Carrot is hot stuff with an even hotter temper! Being a flame-wielding parkour expert, Carrot can climb up most any surface to rain fire on his enemies below.

Last, but certainly not least, Coconut, he may be a little down in attitude and heavy of foot but he makes up for it with his gravitational powers. Levitating obstacles and enemies is a breeze for this moody nut!





The Meats and Cheeses

This evil gang, run by their bad boy leader Baby Cheese and his stylish tuxedo, are trying for world domination! Under the iron fist of Baby Cheese and with a full arsenal of artillery at their backs they pose quite a challenge to our organic heroes!


The player is guided through Organic Panic's story via the in-game comic!

Genetically enhanced Kamakazi ball of craziness - short a few dna strands!

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