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Organic Panic is literally a groundbreaking 2.5D puzzler (or puzzle platformer) utilizing our proprietary D.A.F.T. (Destructible and Fluid Technology) engine, combining completely destructible levels with fully dynamic fluids, allowing players to dig through soil, drown enemies in water, and burn down barriers.


The single player game pits a quirky band of Organic Fruit & Veggies against a technological Meat & Cheese empire! The progression is driven by a fun, light-hearted comic story that sets the stage for each level.



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Genre: Action / Puzzle Platformer


Publisher: GameMill Entertainment


Developer: Last Limb LLC


Release Date: March 2016


Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4.

Then Steam (PC, then Mac and Linux)

IOS/Android to follow.


Last Limb is an independent video game developer for major consoles, PC, and mobile, focused on building incredibly fun and technologically advanced games based on it's proprietary 'DAFT' Engine (Destructible and Fluid Technology).

For more information, please visit Organic Panic Website:

Game Features:

- Completely dynamic physics engine - Based on the 'DAFT Engine' (Destructible And Fluid Technology) completely break everything, all elements have real world properties based on their material, wood burns, metal conducts electricity, ice melts into water (that your characters can swim in), rubber is bouncy but melts, Diamond is super tough, and if cherry is standing on it will blast through everything!


- Groundbreaking liquid simulation - With this technology you can literally fill an entire level with completely reactive liquids, all flowing and effecting the level structures, lava will flow with more viscosity, burn wood and heat materials, water will put out fires but evaporate on contact with hot surfaces, and acid will melt through most materials except glass and diamond!


- Puzzles like you have never seen before, using the physics and liquids players are challenged to think in new ways to succeed.


- Loads of fun game modes- Play different game modes, Swapzy, Morphy, Choosy, Timerun. (Including Co-op and Vs (to come) learn them, play them, master them, then build your own levels with these different modes.


- 4 Unique player characters - Play as Kiwi, Carrot, Coconut or Cherry each with their own unique abilities, powers and special powers, learn each one, then work with them in combination. Each players has a completely different and unique abilities, which make for challenging gameplay and longevity.


- Vs Mode increases the fun with wild new powers for each character - Earth Quakes, Fire Storms, Floods, and Gravity Warp fields.


- Comic Driven Story - The single player adventure mode is driven by a twisted comic book, with a hardcopy color comic telling the whole story being available soon.

Twinfinite Sexy Fun time Award Pax East 2014
Winner Gamedevhacker's Past trends and Future bets 2015
Playcrafting NYC Awards 2015, best PC/Console game of the year
What Press have said...


With its funky characters, vibrantly colored stages, and some awesome devastation to reap, we’re looking forward to play Organic Panic for an extended period of time and you should too.” -David Leavitt, - ”Hands on ‘Organic Panic'"


After diving into its laundry list of levels, editor, co-op mode and destructible environments, it wasn’t hard to conclude that Organic Panic is one of the smoothest, most enjoyable platformers in recent years. It’s smart, fun, and most certainly my game of the [PAX East] show.” - Lee Cooper, - “Organic Panic, a Puzzle Platformer with Elemental Veggies”


“Its robust physics system is simply mind blowing.” - Raymond Porreca, “Veggie, Veggie Good.”


 “Organic Panic is one of the greatest examples of what indie games can offer to the industry.” - Alex Castro,

 / “PAX East- Organic Panic Hands on Impressrions”


2016 Launch Trailer - Xbox One and PS4


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