Welcome to Last Limb Games, Organic Panic is a 2.5D immersive physics platform puzzler. Overcome mind bending puzzles, and jump into mayhemic physics action.

Organic Panic utilzes the D.A.F.T Engine (Destructible and Fluid Technology) featuring real dynamic flowing fluids, and totally destructible levels.


Organic Panic pitches a quirky band of fruit & veggies as they quest to save Apple's sister from the maniacal Baby Cheese and his evil technological  meat & cheese's empire.



Organic Panic has been in development for over 7 years, but the wait is now over, we will be officially launching  in March 2016 - (on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles)


It's a physics puzzle adventure with hundreds of brain burping levels, crazy destruction, tons of games modes, play together in Co-op or against each other in Vs.

Are you ready for the food fight of the Millennium?

"An Organic Rebellion - Not On My Watch!"