Organic Panic - is a physics based action puzzle platformer.

Combining fully interactive dynamic fluids and completely destructible levels, Every object and surface has real world properties, break, melt, burn, conduct, douse, float, it all works together and makes for some unique puzzle challenges.


Play 1 to 4 magically endowered fruit and veggies and take on the technological malevolence of the Meats & Cheese empire!

Play with your friends in local Co-op or against your frenemies in Vs and climb the leaderboard to be top dog (hotdog!).

2014 Trailer - New Launch Trailer - coming soon!

So what's Organic Panic all about then?

We have been working independently on the game from home for over half a decade.  The incredible dream of a ultimate physics puzzle game is finally nearing fruition! 

"The most fun I had while at PAX East.” - Lee Cooper,


“Organic Panic is one of the greatest examples of what indie games can offerto the industry.” - Alex Castro, Twinfinite


“Its robust physics system is simply mind blowing ... at its core, this is one seriously addicting game that will keep players coming back time and again.” -Raymond Porreca, Entertainment Buddha

Organic Panic is trademark registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. ©2015 Last Limb LLC. All rights reserved. 

Anne and Kevin having some fun!

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Tons of game modes, loads of challenges and achievements, and every physical interaction is real!

Making Food fight since 1984

Organic Panic was Successfully Kickstarted here -

Organic Panic has been successfully Greenlit! - Check out our Steam Greenlight page here.