Organic Panic has been five years in the making!

We have been working independently on the game from home for half a decade.  The incredible dream of a ultimate physics puzzle game is finally nearing fruition. Build and share you own crazy physics levels!

Fruit & Veg battle Meat & Cheese in a quirky physics puzzler where you can build and share your own levels!


Building a Kickstater Level - Part 1

Building a Kickstater Level - Part 2

Building a Kickstater Level - Part 3

Anne and Kevin having some fun!

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All of the levels in the game were built with a game controller using the in-game editor.​​

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Tons of game modes, loads of challenges and achievements, and every physical interaction is real!

Build your own levels using the simple in-game EDITOR. Toy with fluids, mechanics, materials and fire!

The Game Menu serves as a giant sticker book for both game and user levels...